4 steps you should take if your Reproductive Endocrinologist isn’t taking you seriously

In life, sometimes we meet people we don't agree with.  It's usually easy to walk away and never see them again, but what if that person is your Reproductive Endocrinologist?  How do you deal with disagreeing with someone who is supposed to be helping you reach your life's biggest goal? What if they aren't taking your concerns seriously and don't even listen to what you are saying? Sadly, VIEW MORE

An open letter to my TTC sisters 

Dear TTC Sisters, If you have been keeping up with my story, then you may know I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant.  It's been a hard journey so far with the constant fear of losing another pregnancy (I've had 2 consecutive miscarriages)  weighing on me. Even though I've made it further than I ever have before, I still don't feel out of the woods. I digress, though. This isn't about me, it's about VIEW MORE

I Am 1 in 8: My Infertility Story and Update

  In honor of NIAW (National Infertility Awareness Week), I thought I'd give you a little background on my infertility story and also update you on what's been happen the past few months. What kind of infertility do you suffer from? When I first started to think something could be wrong, I went to my normal PCP to try and get some answers.  After a very normal hormone check, they went VIEW MORE

Deadly Miscarriage: How Losing my Baby Almost Cost Me My Life

I mentioned in my TTC Update 2017: Miscarriage and Beyond post that I had a serious complication with my last miscarriage and I've been wanting to write out why and what happened.  I'm not sure why I've put this post off for so long.  Maybe the realization of how serious the whole experience was, still scares me. So much.  No matter; I need to get the word out and let other women know who are TTC VIEW MORE

7 items to help you with IVF

  Since this is IVF #2 for me, I'm not a newbie anymore.  I was completely clueless last year when I started IVF #1, though.  You could definitely say I just kind of "winged" it. But this time, I know what I need and what has to be done.  Don't be like me my first time around; being organized and prepared is the way to go.  Emotional prep is super important but today, I'm here to help you VIEW MORE

5 things I wish I had known about infertility when I was in my 20’s

  When you are young, you always feel like the world is at your feet.  You have time on your side; so much time. Tomorrow is a far off thought and your 30s are way in the distance.  Then suddenly, you wake up and BOOM, you are 33. You realize your biological clock is ticking and you are no closer to having a child than when you started trying at 27. At this point, you maybe be wondering if VIEW MORE

TTC Update 2017: Miscarriage and Beyond

  I've been dreading and putting off this post for some time now. I'm honestly not sure why. Maybe because if I put my feelings into words, it makes the miscarriage more real. Regardless, it's real either way. So here it goes. Let me go ahead and start where we left off. That would be at My IVF Transfer. So if you haven't read that post first you may want to get caught up there. I'm also VIEW MORE