5 infertility bloggers that inspire me every day

We all need a helping hand I too need encouragement and strength sometimes.  Reading the words of other bloggers gives me courage every single day.  They not only make me feel normal but give me so much inspiration to keep doing what I'm doing. There are bloggers that I read religiously, VIEW MORE

Friends with Infertility: 7 Ways to not be an Asshole

This is an awesome guest post from my friend KC.  She's starting her own blog and you can find her at   I’m pretty fertile. I’ve never had an OOPS! Pregnancy (so far) but I’ve always gotten pregnant the exact week I wanted to; three times now. One of my closest VIEW MORE

Reclaiming My Peace: Healing from pregnancy loss.

There was a time yoga was my best friend. It kept me grounded and made me feel really good about myself. I was also able to do some of those really awesome poses you see the professionals take on. Saturday morning hot yoga sessions as much as I hated getting out of bed were a life saver. It was also VIEW MORE

Yes, I’m jealous: How I cope with pregnancy jealousy

It's not something I normal think about or have nightmares over at all. I'm not scared to leave the house and go out in public. I don't panic at the thought of seeing her; but when I see her, there is no doubt I lose my breath and my heart sinks to the ground. Yes, I'm talking about the women with VIEW MORE

To the very pregnant woman smoking right next to me

Saturday was a gorgeous day here on the Gulf Coast, so my husband and I decided to go have some lunch on the beach.  We go to this restaurant that is outdoors and is mostly bar food but the view is spectacular and the service is pretty good. The place was packed so a hostess comes to our table VIEW MORE

To the mother with the empty arms: Happy Mother’s Day

Last year, I was seven weeks pregnant when Mother's Day came.  I was messaging with my sister and she told me "Happy Mother's Day".  In my mind, I couldn't understand why she said that, I'm not a mother, not yet at least and I even said so to her.  She replied, "Yes you are, your baby isn't born yet VIEW MORE

Chemical Pregnancy: What it is, my symptoms, and how I knew. 

April appears to be a lucky month for me, or unlucky, depending on how you look at it I suppose.  I got pregnant last year in the month of April and now for the second year in a row, another pregnancy has taken place, my second, I've had two total pregnancies and both were a year apart.  Just like VIEW MORE