7 items to help you with IVF

  Since this is IVF #2 for me, I'm not a newbie anymore.  I was completely clueless last year when I started IVF #1, though.  You could definitely say I just kind of "winged" it. But this time, I know what I need and what has to be done.  Don't be like me my first time around; being organized and prepared is the way to go.  Emotional prep is super important but today, I'm here to help you VIEW MORE

My IVF Transfer 

If you missed IVF week one and week two and my retrieval, here are all in the links! It's amazing how you wait for one day your whole life.  The day you knew would eventually come but you just never knew when or how.  Just like I know I'm meant to be a mother some day, I knew I would have to go through IVF. And going through IVF means you have the transfer of your perfect 5 day VIEW MORE

My IVF Retrieval

If you missed Week One, you can find it here and Week Two is right here. So, we left off with me getting the trigger shot and waiting the 36 hours until it was go time. Those few hours seemed to last forever. I was so ready to have this part done and know how many eggs we would have to work with. But I was also terrified. The pessimistic part of my brain was scared there wouldn't be any VIEW MORE

My Second Week of IVF

  If you haven't read about week one of IVF  yet, click here and read that first to get up to speed. I really feel like week one was a breeze compared to my second week.  Let me tell you all about it. Week 2 Happens On Wednesday, September 14, I had another monitoring appointment. This was actually the first appointment where I didn't leave smiling from ear to ear.  Linda, my VIEW MORE

My First Week of IVF

It's crazy to think that a week has passed since we started full force into our IVF journey.  Approaching next week, when they will be retrieving the eggs that will potentially become our child or children is almost mind blowing. So here is what happen On September 5th, which happened to be Labor Day,  I had to remove my birth control .  I can not tell you how happy I was to do that. VIEW MORE