You’ll never be responsible for the things your spouse does

A moment of clarity It was just about a week ago, I was in Albany with a dear friend of mine. She's more like a sister, really. We have been through so much and this was just another bump in the road. She and her very soon to be ex husband have been going through a divorce for 3+ years now. I was there for support and as a witness to testify on her behalf if this ended up going to trial. In VIEW MORE

6 Ways To Cope When Military Life Makes You Lonely

There is no doubt military life can get lonely.  Not just for our men and women in uniform but for the spouses as well.  With the constant trips they take and deployments, which goes without saying, lots of time is spent apart. This is why our relationships outside of our homes are so important.  The BFF is an essential part of our survival.  There is no better time spent than with someone you VIEW MORE

To the mother with the empty arms: Happy Mother’s Day

Last year, I was seven weeks pregnant when Mother's Day came.  I was messaging with my sister and she told me "Happy Mother's Day".  In my mind, I couldn't understand why she said that, I'm not a mother, not yet at least and I even said so to her.  She replied, "Yes you are, your baby isn't born yet but you are their mother". Almost a year has gone by and now after 2 miscarriages, my mind VIEW MORE

Chemical Pregnancy: What it is, my symptoms, and how I knew. 

April appears to be a lucky month for me, or unlucky, depending on how you look at it I suppose.  I got pregnant last year in the month of April and now for the second year in a row, another pregnancy has taken place, my second, I've had two total pregnancies and both were a year apart.  Just like last year, it wasn't meant to be.  In the span of just a week, I went from hope to heartbreak. Unlike VIEW MORE

My Week Be Like-Suprise Visit Edition

Happy Monday Loves!  Did you have an amazing Easter?  I had a great one!  Just wish my better half could have been here.  He was sent kind of last-minute on a TDY.  For you none military folks, that's just a temporary job he leaves home for a few days, week, or months for.  AKA not a deployment. Without further ado, let's get into my week. March 20th Evan is VIEW MORE

Is Infertility Ruining Your Relationship? 5 Ways To Get Back Your Bond

It's a known fact that stressors like money problems and moving can hinder your relationship.  Infertility with its many challenges including worry, depression, and grief can be even more damaging.  Let's not get into the fact that men and women handle these things in completely different ways, further widening the gap between you and your significant other. What can we do about it?  While VIEW MORE

My Week Be Like-Military Moves

Happy Monday Loves, thanks for coming back for another week in review. It was the last week in February and normal I wouldn't consider it a busy time of year but I feel like a lot happened.  My iPhone pictures say otherwise but I'll recap the best I can.   February 22 It was the last day of Evan's vacation and we got the call to come pick up Calypso's ashes.  I felt all the VIEW MORE