Deadly Miscarriage: How Losing my Baby Almost Cost Me My Life

I mentioned in my TTC Update 2017: Miscarriage and Beyond post that I had a serious complication with my last miscarriage and I've been wanting to write out why and what happened.  I'm not sure why I've put this post off for so long.  Maybe the realization of how serious the whole experience was, still scares me. So much.  No matter; I need to get the word out and let other women know who are TTC VIEW MORE

TTC Update 2017: Miscarriage and Beyond

  I've been dreading and putting off this post for some time now. I'm honestly not sure why. Maybe because if I put my feelings into words, it makes the miscarriage more real. Regardless, it's real either way. So here it goes. Let me go ahead and start where we left off. That would be at My IVF Transfer. So if you haven't read that post first you may want to get caught up there. I'm also VIEW MORE

To the mother with the empty arms: Happy Mother’s Day

Last year, I was seven weeks pregnant when Mother's Day came.  I was messaging with my sister and she told me "Happy Mother's Day".  In my mind, I couldn't understand why she said that, I'm not a mother, not yet at least and I even said so to her.  She replied, "Yes you are, your baby isn't born yet but you are their mother". Almost a year has gone by and now after 2 miscarriages, my mind VIEW MORE

Chemical Pregnancy: What it is, my symptoms, and how I knew. 

April appears to be a lucky month for me, or unlucky, depending on how you look at it I suppose.  I got pregnant last year in the month of April and now for the second year in a row, another pregnancy has taken place, my second, I've had two total pregnancies and both were a year apart.  Just like last year, it wasn't meant to be.  In the span of just a week, I went from hope to heartbreak. Unlike VIEW MORE

When everyone has kids and you are left out 

It seems once I reached a certain age, my group of friends without kids became fewer and fewer.  Being apart of the military life, it's even more evident. I swear to god, everyone I know here has kids. Some just had their first, some have 3 or more. When Evan commissioned in 2008, I litterly knew 1 couple with kids. The rest of us were married and child free. Now, they all have children with VIEW MORE

How men really feel about Trying To Conceive (TTC) 

My husband can really be the strong, silent type. Sometime, I can't gauge how he's really feeling, unless that is, I ask him to put it in writing. With everything that's been going on the past few months, I needed to know, how are you handling this crazy roller coast we got ourselves on? Here is what he had to say:  TTC or Trying To Conceive is one in a long list of new acronyms I’ve had to learn VIEW MORE

8 Things I didn’t know before I started TTC

After working for a OBGYN for years, I really thought I knew everything there was to know about getting pregnant. Wow, I was completely wrong. Sure, I knew about all the technicalities and how it was done but there is nothing that can prepare you for when it doesn't happen, worst case scenario, or the emotional aspect.  I'm sure there is still more I don't know and now with IVF looming in my VIEW MORE